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December 2006
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New Membership Rules

Originally, I was only accepting requests from JEWISH LiveJournal members to join kinkyjewishporn
.  However, it has come to my attention that a number of Gentiles are interested in learning more about Judaism's view of sexuality and sensuality.  So, I will now allow Gentiles to join this community, but their postings will be moderated and can only consist of text and photos of Jewish models.  This is not meant to be discriminatory in any way, but there are plenty of communities which exist for porn and kink, and this is a very specific community, and I would like to keep it as such.  So, if you sent a request prior to now, and mistressgingi denied said request, I would like to invite you to comment on mistressgingi's journal, and I will add you with moderated status. 

~Ms. Gingi

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As you may note from my username, I am Jewish, and a redhead (GINGI), at that.  I decided to create this community for Jews exploring their sexuality and sensuality to network.  This group does not have open membership, as I understand some members would enjoy discretion so that not everyone on LiveJournal can read their members only posts.

If you include photographs in your group posts, I would like to ask that you put them all below a cut, whether they are nude or not.  Erotic text posts should also be below a cut.  If you have questions about Judaism and its views on sexuality and sensuality, this is the place to ask those questions.

Although I am Jewish, I do not necessarily subscribe to all of Judaism's beliefs about human sexuality.  However, if you ask questions of me, I will post Judaism's traditional view on the subject, and if my opinion differs, at all, I will post that, as well. 

If you have questions about Kosher Sex, I recommend
KosherSex.com.  I would also like to recommend that you visit KinkyJews.com.  They are a really great group in the New York area for Jews looking to explore their sexuality.

All Jews are welcomed to this group, regardless of sexual orientation and gender.
However, we do ask that any male photographs posted be anatomically Jewish (circumcised)... although you are welcome to post your bris pictures, if you'd like!

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